Grabbing Life by the Bowls: Why Acai is our Favorite Go-To Snack

By Anna Finch

Grabbing Life by the Bowls: Why Acai is our Favorite Go-To Snack

USC Cabana Anna Campus Rep Camille fills us in on her favorite snack to grab on the go at school!

The Amazebowls food truck located on the edge of University of Southern California’s campus is far from your average campus cruising food trunk. Instead of serving junky foods that'll kill your energy, they offer some of the best healthy treats around - Acai bowls!

Acai bowls are smoothie bowls made from a base of Acai berry, a dark purple berry found in Brazil, and then topped with anything from freshly sliced fruit and granola to chopped nuts and honey. These are the absolute best on a hot Southern California afternoon! They give you a natural boost to help you through the day, are full of antioxidants, and help control your cholesterol levels (not that I'm old enough to worry about that yet, buuuuuuut it never hurts).

Acai bowls aren't just vitamin-packed, they also taste  awesome (and looks SO good on your Instagram)! With fun flavors, like mint or dragon fruit, there’s always something new to try. It’s the perfect snack to pick up when you’re heading home, en route to class, or hitting the pool for a dip in your Cabana Anna bikini ;)

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