Trick or Treat! Halloween with Cabana Anna Swimwear Costumes

Trick or Treat!

By Anna Finch

We LOVE Halloween! Halloween brings back amazing memories of growing up: chilly nights, weeks of costume planning, the smell of pumpkin pulp and subsequent toasting pumpkin seeds, winking jack-o-lanterns on the front step, neighborhood explorations with friends and flashlights, and a painstaking candy count at the end of the night.

One thing remains the same: we still love to hoard candy. Just kidding, that’s not what this post is about. The one thing that’s the same about the Halloween from our childhoods is that we STILL won’t be caught dead in a costume that comes out of a bag! This year, we got especially creative and wanted to share our favorite costume ideas that can be DIYed with a Cabana Anna bikini plus props.

1. Sailor: pair our Manhattan Bandeau with a white button down, sailor cap, and nautical navy high-waisted shorts. 



2. Hula Dancer: Aloha! Get this look with our Mandalay Halter, a flower crown, grass skirt, and greenery. We paired our grass skirt with a green skirt underneath for more coverage, but green spandex is also a good call!


3. Hippy: For a costume that's sure to turn heads, choose our Catalina Bandeau, Sunsetters heart-shaped sunglasses, head scarf, platform heels, psychedelic printed pants, and woven bag.


What are you being for Halloween, Cabana babes? Got any great ideas for DIY costumes using a Cabana Anna bikini? Share your ideas with us via Instagram (@caswim) or in the comments below for a special 15% off Halloween discount!


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  • Hi Irina! Sorry for replying so late, thank you so much! We’re so happy you like our bikinis. We actually do not have any orders for you on file so wanted to ask if you have any questions about making an order :) email us



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  • OMG I love these looks!! You guys have the cutest bikinis!! Can’t wait for mine to come!!!

    Irina on

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