Meet Cabana Babe Kate ⚡ – Cabana Anna Swimwear

Meet Cabana Babe Kate ⚡

By Anna Finch

Meet Cabana Babe Kate ⚡

Brunette beauty Kate joins us today to chat about everything from bikinis and beach destinations to defining life moments and her Los Angeles journey. 

A journalist, actress, model, host, and USC grad, Kate is a multi-talented quintuple threat (and unicycle-extraordinaire) who we shot in Bel Air with talented photographer Joshua Garcia at a gorgeous estate and sprawling, sun-soaked patio. 

What's your favorite style of swimsuit and your favorite Cabana Anna design? I love the Moorea Triangle Top because the white floral pattern is too cute, and then all of the one pieces are incredibly flattering and make every body type look amazing.

What's your favorite beach in the world (that you’ve been to)? I loved Ventanas beach in Costa Rica. I went there while on a service trip and the beach was absolutely beautiful. Ventanas means windows in Spanish and the beach is called that because there are huge caves lining the shore that look like windows to the ocean.

What's your favorite beach activity? Having bonfires and cookouts on the beach is essentially my favorite thing ever. Bring on the s'mores!

What are your must-have beauty items on the beach? I have to have my Vagabond beach towel because it's super big and also really cute so it's a must have when I lay out and then of course some body oil to get bronzed and a good book to keep myself entertained.

If you could travel to one place you’ve NEVER been, where would it be? GREECE. I have always loved the idea of visiting Greece, with the blue ocean and white houses, I think it's the prettiest place ever.

What do you love most about your body and why? I love my legs, they're long lol

When do you feel your most confident? Whenever I go to really nice events I actually feel really confident because I love to dress up and try new hair or makeup styles. I do a lot of red carpet reporting so for example, during the Oscars I was able to get really dolled up and I thought it was so much fun. If you're having fun then confidence comes right along with it.

What were your goals for 2017 and how have you pursued them? My goal in 2017 was to become a better TV host and I can happily say I've definitely done that. I took a hosting class and really grew as a broadcaster and now go on auditions weekly for hosting gigs. It's my passion!

What was the most exciting thing you did this summer? I went Skydiving!

Fondest childhood memory? Sailing with my entire family on Lake Erie.

Where did you go to school? USC!

Shot by photographer Dale Benfield

What is a fun fact most people don't know about you? I can ride a unicycle!

When and why did you move out to LA? I moved to LA 6 years ago after transferring to USC from Michigan State University. I always knew I wanted to live in California to pursue hosting and acting and I had gone through a really tough time in Michigan so the chance to start fresh was exactly what I needed. Plus, USC is the best school out there.

What's been the most exciting thing about moving to LA? All of the opportunities and crazy things that I've been able to do. Never did I imagine myself interviewing my idol, Sandra Bullock or meeting people from all over the world who I can now go visit. LA opened up so many doors in my life.

Walking our catwalk at Skybar for Cabana Anna Swimwear's Coachella Kickoff Bikini Fashion Show.

 What are some of your favorite LA haunts that you've recently discovered and would recommend to our readers? Murphy's Ranch - it's a creepy, abandoned former Nazi sympathizer camp that is now covered in spray paint. The hike there is easy and it's interesting to explore.

A bit of historical  context:
"In the early 1900’s, during WWII, Winona and Norman Stephens were convinced by a German named Herr Schmidt that when Germany ultimately won the war, the American government would not be able to stay afloat and there would be a time of anarchy in the United States. During that time the Stephens’ would be able to live in their self-sustaining community and then come out when the opportunity presented itself to help with the German take over. Thus, they set out to build a massive area they could use to keep them safe during the war.
As we all know, the Germans lost. Around the time of Pearl Harbor the Stephens’ were taken into custody from their home. All in all it is said that over 4 million dollars was invested into this ranch and there is an amazing set of structures with that money. Among what they made was a power station, machine shed, fully irrigated hillside for growing food, raised gardens, a massive water tank and even a place to store diesel fuel." - via Josh of

Who is your biggest inspiration? My Aunt Cheryl is. She has rheumatoid arthritis and is in constant pain but she doesn't ever let that hold her back. She's worked the night shift as a nurse in a hospital for my entire life and she still cares for and loves people unconditionally and fiercely despite her ailments. She's selfless and I strive to be just like her.

What is your biggest passion? Performing and entertaining others. I love to be on a stage, whether it's dancing, acting or hosting because I get to show the world my talents and what I love to do.

What moment in your life has been the most significant and life-changing? My best friend died when I was a freshman in college and while devastating, it really shaped my life. She was my mentor and she meant the world to me so losing her taught me what it feels like to be in true pain and because of that I now have the ability to help others through their struggles with a deeper sense of understanding and sympathy. It taught me how to love others more than I did before. 


We loved spending time with Kate and hearing about the good and the bad, the silly and the inspiring. We look forward to being part of her LA journey! 

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