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Get Bronzed Like Tash Oakley from A Bikini A Day!

By Anna Finch

Get Bronzed Like Tash Oakley from A Bikini A Day!

Get a beach babe bronze like Tash Oakley (the healthy way!)

If there’s anyone who knows how to rock designer swimwear, it’s Tash Oakley. This Australian beauty’s healthy, gorgeous figure always sports an awesome tan that makes her bikinis POP. Want to get that beachy glow? Here are our tips!

Tash is an advocate of bronzing makeup but we sometimes prefer going barefaced to the beach and building a (safe) base tan in advance with a tanning lotion. Don’t let visions of Oompa Loompas and stripey streaks deter you from your goal – a HEALTHY tan! The process is simple if you follow our instructions and our recommended bronzers will leave you glowing gold, not orange, from head to toe!    

Assemble your materials:

Exfoliating scrub

Tanning mitt

Foaming tanner or Tanning towels (easier for first-timers)

  1. Ideally do this at night so that you can go to sleep after. You don’t want to get smudged!
  2. Shower thoroughly and exfoliate like a madwoman. We prefer a gentle, natural exfoliator (say NO to microbeads!)
  3. Shave everything you want to have shaven that week – there is no turning back once the tan has been applied because shaving over tanned areas can cause patchiness.
  4. Dry off.
  5. You sure you’re dry? Dry off again.
  6. Put on that sweet tanning mitt.
  7. If you’re using a foam, pump a small cotton-ball’s worth into your mitt. If using a towel, open one packet and remove the towel.
  8. We like to start with our feet first, gradually working our way up using circular movements and blendinngggg thoroughly. Go very lightly over the feet, ankle, knee, and elbow areas, since the dryer skin can absorb more tanner and become dark and patchy (yuck).
  9. Save your face for last and go easy – you don’t want to give yourself an orange moustache! Apply to your forehead, cheeks, nose bridge, and chin, then begin blending outward.
  10. Don’t put on clothes! Start watching cat videos on your phone because you’re going to be drying and waiting around naked for awhile (at least 5-10 minutes).
  11. Go to sleep, preferably naked. Do not sweat, do not shower, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
  12. Wake up bronzed and beautiful ;)

Extra tips: Shower first thing in the morning after tanning to get off residual lotion, moisturize your skin daily and keep hydrated to make your tan last longer, and don't use harsh cleansers on your body!

Tash casually killing it in our Sailor Stripe Solana bow top bikini and our Corazon Side-tie Sweetheart + signature tan:





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Meet Cabana Babe Bonnie!

By Anna Finch

Meet Cabana Babe Bonnie!


Bonnie is Taylor Swift meets Marilyn Monroe with an extra helping of sunshine and infectious energy. Originally hailing from Jonesboro, Arkansas, this beauty travelled all the way to LA to chase her dreams of becoming an actress and a model! After a gorgeous day on Venice beach shooting with Bonnie and photographer Dale Benfield, we sat down to learn a little bit more about this bombshell – from fashion to self-confidence to inspiration, here’s what makes this LA style blogger’s world go round: 

First things first! We’re water babies at Cabana Anna Swimwear and we want to know what your favorite beach in the world is.

My favorite beach is Destin, Florida. It's the first beach I've ever been to and I have great memories growing up on that beach!

When you’re at the beach, how do you do your VERY best relaxing and unwinding?

I’ll be stretched out on a beach chair with my toes in the sand, sharing a drink and some laughs with my girlfriends! 

What are your must-haves for the beach ?

When I’m on the beach, I love to have a magazine, a cute beach bag (my fave is by Valerie Rene), and Maybelline Babylips Balm with SPF!

If you could travel to one place you’ve never been, where would it be? 


We love Hawaii! Maui would have to be our favorite island. What kind of swimsuit would we find you in the minute you land in Hawaii?

I love a bandeau bikini top. It's a natural fit, comfy, and you can add straps to change the look up! You can go from the beach to the hills and convert a bandeau easily into a sports bra when you’re on vacation. My fave Cabana Anna swimsuit would have to be the Hermosa bow top bandeau in hot pink!


What do you love most about your body and why?

I wouldn't say there's one particular thing I love most about my body, but if I had to choose, probably my height!  I’m 5’ 10”. But when it comes to swim suits I love that my boobs aren't too big lol. I think it’d be more difficult finding the right fit or wearing bandeaus if they were! I'm also a fan of my freckles ;) 

What makes you feel your most confident?

When my lashes look on point and I have lipstick on! My favorites are "they’re real!" by Benefit and NYX "Shocking Pink" lipstick!



What were your goals for 2016 and how have you pursued them?

My goals for 2016 were to not hold grudges, to be quick to forgive, and to follow my dreams. I've done that by being bold in all of my decisions, including moving to LA from my home state of Arkansas!

Why did you move out to LA?

To pursue acting and modeling, to meet people, and to explore more opportunities!

What's been the most exciting thing about moving to LA?

So far it's been meeting people from all over the world through my acting program and getting to model for Cabana Anna Swimwear!

What are some of your favorite LA haunts that you've recently discovered and would recommend to our readers? 

You've got to go to Mauro's Cafe at Fred Segal and get the Fred's Pasta. You've got to hike to the Hollywood sign, it's surreal. And you've got to go to Jessica Biel's Au Fudge to hit up this fun, yummy brunch spot, then spend a day in Malibu with your besties soaking up the sun.  

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Sarah Jessica Parker.

She's definitely my fashion icon since she can put anything on and rock it, and she inspires me because she has the confidence and personality that, to me, make her feel genuine and relatable in a way other actresses do not. 

My Granddaddy would be my other inspiration :)

He's always been a constant source of strength in my life. Loving me no matter what and always there to give me a hug. He has set such a great example for countless people through loving his family, and having a gracious, loyal heart.


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California Dreamy Photoshoot

By Anna Finch

California Dreamy Photoshoot

We had a blast shooting our 2016 Summer Collection! 

Dreamy California dappled sunshine, hazy pastels, whimsical details and a little dash of glitter to introduce our new Apia one pieces in petal pink, coastal teal, and pearl white. 

Models: Brooke Butler, Ashton Arndt, Chelsea Briche and Amelia Brazil. 


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Cabana Anna Swimwear Parties with A Bikini A Day and FUNBOY

By Anna Finch

Cabana Anna Swimwear Parties with A Bikini A Day and FUNBOY

We had a blast hosting our pop-up shop at Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel, West Hollywood with FUNBOY and A Bikini A Day! Cabana babes Krisondra and Abby partied it up in Cabana Anna Swimwear's new one pieces and photographer Pat Nolan captured every moment. 

Keep your eyes on our Insta for the next Cabana Anna Swimwear Summer pop-up! 



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Cabana Babes Around The World :: Winter Break 2015

By Anna Finch

Cabana Babes Around The World :: Winter Break 2015

Saemy in Ao Nang, Thailand wearing our Coronado bandeau & Baja cheekies in Pearl

Tina in Cancún, Mexico wearing Solana halter in Ruby Rose


Rachel in Varadero, Cuba wearing our Del Mar bandeau & Baja cheekies in Wild

Chloe in Mui Ne, Vietnam wearing our Solana halter in Ruby Rose


Michelle in Cancún, Mexico wearing our Venice bandeau & Baja cheekies in Pearl

...and our founder Anna in our Seahorse cover-up with a turtle!


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Swoop Magazine Photoshoot for April 2015, Feat. Tierra Lee in Cabana Anna Swimwear at the Mobli Beach House

By Anna Finch

So excited for Cabana Anna Swimwear to be featured on Tierra Lee, Swoop girl of the month and cover girl of Swoop's upcoming April 2015 cover! This awesome shoot went down at the infamous Mobli Beach House, former home of Snapchat and Nike's showroom, and located on the Venice boardwalk. 

Click here to watch behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot and see more of Swoop Magazine and Mobli's shoot!


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Welcome to Cabana Anna Swimwear

By Anna Finch

Hi beach babes! We're so happy you swung by our blog :) As the 'official' Summer season draws to a close (but really, does Summer ever end in California?) we celebrated with an awesome pop-up shop at the W Hollywood Hotel Labor Day Party and a bunch of our favorite people.

Bottom right corner! That's us! 

There was a dunk tank, vodka + coconut water cocktails (shockingly delicious and refreshing), and lots of great bikini deals. We'll keep you updated on our upcoming events here, as well as discuss some of our favorite beauty, fitness, health, and fashion related topics...whatever sparks our interest and we think you'll enjoy! We'll also post polls asking what colors and styles YOU want to see next season, and what makes YOU feel the prettiest on the beach.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, we love your feedback! 


Cabana Anna Swimwear

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