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Beach Waves Like Rocky. Fricking. Barnes.

By Anna Finch

Beach Waves Like Rocky. Fricking. Barnes.

Rocky. Fricking. Barnes. She's hot, she's stylish, she has fantastic hair. Nothing says effortlessly sexy like the bikini babe beach waves she rocks at almost every photo shoot. Her tousled "I woke up like this" look is the perfect mix of girly and bad ass. And since it isn't super put-together, you're still totally free to hang out at the beach without feeling guilty about the effort you put into your hair. 

((One of the great things about this look is that your hair doesn't necessarily have to be "clean"- the texture sticks to itself better with dirty hair. However, you can always spray on some dry shampoo if it makes you feel better!))
Here are 5 seriously easy steps to getting perfect beach waves:
1. Whether your hair is clean or not, start out by spraying your whole head with texturizing sea spray. This will help give you volume and make your curls stick together.
2. Split your hair into sections with hair ties or bobby pins. The bigger the section, the looser the wave (and vice versa). 
3. Loosely curl your hair with a wide barrel curler. We recommend at least a 1" barrel so your curls don't come out to tight! Don't worry about your curls falling, that works for this look!
4. Flip your hair over and apply hair spray all over to keep your hair intact and style with your fingers to perfect the look. 
5. Step out into the world looking totally fab!!
See, I told you it was easy (;

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